Arin Rungjang · Claudio Zulian · Damir Očko · Daphné Le Sergent · Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza · Ismaïl Bahri · Natacha Nisic · Omer Fast

DO 02-02-18

Sound design

Sound design is an important feature in almost all of my works. In Dicta I and Dicta II, this aspect has been reduced to a single sound texture. I tried to leave as much room as possible for understanding the text, but the inclusion of a “particular” extra sound in each film was a conceptual response to the overall idea.
In Dicta I, this sound is a prolonged ‘S’ sound which sounds like a snake hissing. It connects to the reading of the text by attaching itself to the words that begin or end with a phonetic S. For example, it begins with NICE and ends with FORCE. I played with this a bit to add an extra layer to the work and edited it to sound like a snake. Dicta II has a background sound of two men sparring, but also the clutter of balls mimicking the sounds of sparring which, rather like a percussive instrument, accentuate the rhythm of the reading.