Arin Rungjang · Claudio Zulian · Damir Očko · Daphné Le Sergent · Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza · Ismaïl Bahri · Natacha Nisic · Omer Fast


Damir Očko

Dicta 1, production image. Photo by studio Damir Očko

(24 broken parts)
(text version)

– read in articulated, precise and confident voice.
– avoid sounding overly romantic, soft or whispery
– find strange and peculiar expressions, unnatural accents,
overly theatrical pauses in unnatural positions. (will be marked in a score)
 this is a form of a dictate, grammar is occasionally broken, so are the meanings.
Do not try to voice a logic in the sentence where there is none in the meaning.
– Accent should be mild British to none.
– There is no logic in the order.


Do not cringe before the powerful
he who lies about withdrawing
his exist survives
but one of the dispossessed
who never gave up courage
he who wishes the skill as a weapon
to suppress untrue
observes what over(-)turned
these views exiled
he who speaks that a man without is better
than one who takes does not ask

for whom?