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Damir Očko, Dicta 1 (film still), 2017. Courtesy the artist

Personal project note on “Dicta”

Like the non-venomous milk snake that mimics the venomous coral snake, but is unable to evolve the right pattern of colors, Dicta 1 investigates otherness and mimicry in language as a reflection of political mimicry, whereas Dicta 2 addresses the idea of safewords (used to stop consensual violent protocols) as a metaphor for the current state of democracy. The project consists of two films, each featuring a radical analysis of a seemingly incomprehensible Dadaist poem. One is based on Brecht’s text “Writing the Truth: Five Difficulties” (1935), while the other poem featured in Dicta 2 was composed from a selection of found safewords.

Damir Očko