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Miguel Ventura

28 March 2019

Miguel Ventura’s (b. 1954, San Antonio Texas, U.S., based in Mexico City) collages juxtapose an array of apparently disparate elements: Classic Modern architecture and contemporary iconic Starchitecture, modern and contemporary art, images of celebrities, contemporary artists, politicians, dead bodies, a …

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Crossing the Margins of the Encounter and the Ghosts of Coloniality: Clarisse Hahn’s Mescaline (2017)

20 March 2019

Dismantling the organism has never meant killing yourself, but rather opening the body to connections that presuppose an entire assemblage, circuits, conjunctions levels and thresholds, passages and distributions of intensity, and territories and deterritorializations measured with the craft of a …

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Sara Eliassen

04 March 2019

Sara Eliassen’s (b. and b. in Oslo, 1977) site-specific video-intervention for her project The Feedback Loop, which also encompasses a film and conference program and an exhibition at Munchmuseet on The Move – Kunsthall Oslo, Dronning Eufemias gate 34, was displayed …

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Julieta Aranda

25 February 2019

“Ghost fishing” describes a highly destructive phenomenon that is activated when fishing nets get detached from their vessels and begin catching fish, coral reefs and other forms of marine life autonomously. As a consequence, entire ecosystems are being wiped out, …

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Silvia Gruner

30 November 2018

In Silvia Gruner’s (born 1959 in Mexico City, work there) work, the loop is the medium and temporality a mental structure in order to deliver mentalscapes of inhabitable locations. In her work, the surfaces of objects and the figments of the mind correspond to each other and film and video go beyond their status as indexes to function as analogies that suggest emotions, moods or states of mind.

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