“They come with fruitcakes.”
Montage #5

Manceaux ; McBride

Elsa-Louise Manceaux, “Untitled”, gouache and color pencil on newsprint paper, 2017.

“They come with fruitcakes. Brown-skin nylons. Leatherette shoes. Mammy I have to go to the toilet.
Inside under Jesus I make my dash out in the rain. slap mud all up my socks. I’ll skid it. Scutter it. Being magic. Saying fucker Christ. Into the fields. My bad words best collection.Stupid shit fuck piss cow bitch frigger shitter fucker bitch pig. All the things my mother never taught me: to shit in a field or to run in from the rain.”
Eimear McBride, A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, adapted on the stage by Annie Ryan (London: Faber&Faber 2015)

Elsa-Louise Manceaux
Montage Exercises with Elsa-Louise Manceaux : foreword


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