“The shadowless light”
Montage #4

Manceaux ; Emmelhainz ; Beckett

Elsa-Louise Manceaux, “Untitled”, gouache and color pencil on newsprint paper, 2017.

“The shadowless light. Simply to be gone. Or for affair as now. A single leg appears. Seen from above. You separate the segments and lay them side by side. It is as you half surmised. The upper is the longer and the sitter’s loss the greater when seat at knee level. You leave the pieces lying there and open your eyes to find her sitting before you. All dead still. The ruby lips do not return your smile. Your gaze…”
Samuel Beckett, “Westward ho” in Worstward Ho London: Calder, 1983, pp.26

Elsa-Louise Manceaux
Montage Exercises with Elsa-Louise Manceaux : foreword


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