“Come running by the lake”
Montage #3

Manceaux ; Emmelhainz

Elsa-Louise Manceaux, “Untitled”, gouache and color pencil on newsprint paper, 2017

“Come running by the lake. Eyes mist to the wind feel the fresh rush past. That new day it’s so early in the morning. I step there. Cool and cold and colder. Coming in over my white socks. It soak my coat up. Up my leg up. Feel it there inside my thigh. In this world deep and brown. You are not there. I am free form love and that cold pain shooting through my forehead.”
Eimear McBride, A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, adapted on the stage by Annie Ryan (London: Faber&Faber 2015), p.27

Elsa-Louise Manceaux
Montage Exercises with Elsa-Louise Manceaux : foreword


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