Nicole BRENEZ teaches Cinema Studies at the University of Paris 3-Sorbonne nouvelle. A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, agrégée of Modern Litterature, she is a senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France. She is the author of several books and has been curator of the Cinémathèque Française’s avant-garde film series since 1996.

Her publications include: De la Figure en général et du Corps en particulier. L’invention figurative au cinéma (De Boeck Université, 1998), Abel Ferrara (Illinois University Press, 2007), Traitement du Lumpenproletariat par le cinéma d’avant-garde (Séguier, 2007), Cinéma d’avant-garde Mode d’emploi (Gendaishicho-shinsha Publishers, 2012), « ‘We support everything since the dawn of time that has struggled and still struggles.’ Introduction to lettrist cinema » (Moderna Muset/Sternberg Press, 2015), Jean-Luc Godard: théoricien des images (La Camera Verde, 2015).

She is editor or co-editor of the following publications: Jeune, dure et pure. Une histoire du cinéma d’avant-garde et expérimental en France (Cinémathèque française/Mazzotta, 2001), La Vie nouvelle/nouvelle Vision (Leo Scheer, 2004), Jean-Luc Godard : Documents (Centre Georges Pompidou, 2006), Jean Epstein. Bonjour Cinéma und andere Schriften zum Kino (FilmuseumSynemaPublikationen, 2008), Le cinéma critique. De l’argentique au numérique, voies et formes de l’objection visuelle (Publications de la Sorbonne, 2010).

She is the editor or co-editor of the writings of Masao Adachi (Rouge profond edition, 2012), Jean Epstein (Independencia Publishers, 2 volumes published, 7 to come) and Edouard de Laurot (Amsterdam University Press – to be published in 2015).

She contributes to several film magazines, including Cahiers du Cinéma, Trafic, and Sight & Sound.

She has organised many film events and retrospectives, notably “Jeune, dure et pure, A History of Avant-Garde Cinema in France” for the French Cinémathèque in 2000 (80 screenings, 400 films). She has also been the curator for the Experimental Section of the Cinéma du Réel Film Festival since 2010, and organized series or events at the Louvre Museum, the Lussas Film Festival, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Among other places, she curated series in New York (USA, Anthology Film Archives, 2000 and 2012; Rendez-vous with French Cinema, Lincoln Center, 2011), Buenos Aires (Argentina, IIIe Festival Internacional de Cine independiente, 2001), Vienna, (Austria Filmmuseum, 2002), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, Cinemateca, 2006), Oporto (Portugal, The Contemporary Art Museum of Serralves, 2006), Tokyo (Japan, Uplink Factory, 2008), London (UK, Tate Modern, 2008), Zagreb (Croatia, Film Archive, 2008), Madrid (Spain, French Cultural Institute, 2008), Belo Horizonte (Brazil, Festcurtas, 2013).

With the filmmaker Philippe Grandrieux, she produces the film collection “It May Be That Beauty Has Strengthened Our Resolve”, devoted to revolutionary filmmakers forgotten or neglected by the standard histories of cinema. The first episode, shot by Philippe Grandrieux and devoted to Masao Adachi, received 3 awards: New Vision Award, Cph:Dox, Copenhagen (Denmark), 2011 ; Grand Prix Expérimental – Essai – Art Vidéo, Festival Côté Court de Pantin (France), 2012 ; Grand Prix du Documentaire, International Film Festival of Cultural Resistance in Beirut, 2013.

English translation: Brad Stevens, with the help of Bani Khoshnoudi.
Coproducer: Institut Universitaire de France
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